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The Purpose of the Convention is to Elect Executive Committee and Democratic Grassroots Members

And to Adopt the County Bylaws as prescribed by the TNDP. 


1. All Shelby County Democrats, who are registered voters in the county, are eligible to be voting delegates at the Reorganization Convention and to be candidates for the Executive Committee and Democratic Grassroots Council.


2. Shelby County Democrats who have completed and signed the pledge form shall be admitted to the Convention business session as Delegates.  A separate section will be provided for registered guests. Doorkeepers will be assigned to check the eligibility of those being seated.


3. Doors shall be closed for the Convention at 10:00 A.M. Delegates leaving the room for any reason, shall be re-admitted at any time, except once voting has started on a motion or nomination, the doors will not open for admittance until the vote count has finished.


4. The Reorganization Convention shall be called to order by the incumbent Chair of the County Party, who shall be the Presiding Officer.


5. A Convention Sergeant-at-Arms, Secretary, and Parliamentarian shall be appointed by the Presiding Officer. 


6. The Presiding Officer shall appoint a timekeeper for the purpose of debate and nomination. 


7. Only Delegates shall be permitted to make motions, ask questions, debate, and vote.


8. Mandatory motions:

a. Motion to approve Rules of the Convention presented by the Rules Committee 


b. Motion to approve SCDP Bylaws for the incoming administration pending final    approval by TNDP.

c. Motion to adjourn to County Commission District Caucuses and reconvene upon their     conclusion for report on elections. 


9. A Delegate addressing the Presiding Officer shall give their name before being assigned the floor.   


10. The Presiding Officer shall have the authority to establish the parameters for any debate.


11. Voting:  Voice vote is the preferred method of voting. Standing vote is the second preferred method of voting.


12. A majority vote (over 50%) shall prevail.


13. “Robert’s Rules of Order” shall be the authority for those things not covered by these rules and the Party Bylaws.


14. Caucus Rules:

a. The Convention will break into caucuses for each of 13 county commission districts for election of two Executive Committee members, one male and one female, and several members of the Grass Roots Council, the number of which is determined by the number of  voters who cast ballots in the most recent democratic primary for governor in each district.   


b. The Caucus Chair for each district shall be appointed by the Presiding Officer of the Convention and will be responsible for convening and conducting the Caucus.


c. The delegates for each caucus shall elect a Secretary for the caucus and that secretary shall be responsible for recording minutes of the caucus and the tally of the elections. The Secretary will be eligible to be nominated to the Executive Committee or Grass Roots Council for that district but will defer to the Caucus Chair to record the results of any election in which the Secretary participates.


d. The Caucus Chair shall conduct the elections for the two Executive Committee members and the Grass Roots Council members from that district with separate elections and gender equity, alternating by sex. The Caucus Chair shall allow any person nominated for a position to make a brief statement on their behalf in addition to a brief statement by the nominator of that person. After nominations cease, the ballot is closed and the election shall commence. A majority (over 50%) shall prevail for each election. 


e. In the case where a majority is not reached, the lowest vote getter is dropped from the next round of voting until a majority is reached.   In the case of a tie, voting will continue for three more rounds, but if there is still a tie, the winner will be decided by a coin toss.


f. If the number of members of the caucus willing to serve on the Democratic Grassroots Council does not exceed the number of seats available, all are eligible for selection to that Council without gender restrictions and separate elections can be waived by the caucus delegates.


g. Newly elected Executive Committee members must sign an Oath of Office form before leaving the caucus.


15. Upon the completion of the district level elections, the Convention shall reassemble and each district shall report the results of their elections and the Caucus Secretary shall provide the results in writing to the Secretary of the County Party.


16. The Executive Committee and Democratic Grassroots Council members will take the Oath of Office. The time and place of the Election of the Chair shall be announced. 


17. The Reorganization Convention shall then adjourn, as its business has been completed.


Submitted by the Rules Committee:


David Cocke, Attorney at Law, Rules Chair

Norma Lester

Barbara Williams

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