The Shelby County Democratic Party

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Party Policy Platform

In addition to supporting the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Tennessee Democratic Party (TNDP) platforms, the Shelby County Democratic Party (SCDP) also supports the following policy principles which have a direct impact and relevance to the citizens of Shelby County:







The SCDP supports…

  • The requirement of all candidates for public office and those holding elected office comply with all local, state, and federal requirements for financial and conflict of interest disclosures, ensuring that all public obligations are fulfilled, both prior to election and while serving in office

  • Requiring that all candidates and elected officials hold themselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct, while maintaining regular access and availability to their constituents

Integrity in Government

The SCDP supports…

  • Equal rights for all, including women's rights and LGBTQ rights

  • Continuation of DACA, which includes comprehensive immigration reform

  • Equal economic opportunity, that includes a living wage, pay equity, and mandatory paid parental leave

Rights for All

The SCDP supports…

  • Research-based strategies to improve public education, while keeping public money in public schools

  • Public funding for expanded educational opportunities, including universal pre-K, early literacy, tuition-free college, and vocational education

  • Equitable discipline in schools, that avoid and deter the "school-to-prison" pipeline


The SCDP supports…

  • Public funding for improved access to health care, including strengthening the ACA and accepting federal funding for Medicaid expansion

  • Increased public funding for wellness/prevention, including immunization programs, free condom program, and treatment of chronic conditions, as well as programs that provide women's health services and those that offer health care to low-income residents

  • A woman’s right to choose regarding her own reproductive health


The SCDP supports…

  • Clean water initiatives, protecting the Memphis Aquifer, opposing sewage/runoff dumping in our rivers, public investments in maintaining our sewage systems, and the clean-up of McKellar Lake

  • Local government investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency, recycling initiatives in local governments and in schools, and investing in clean and efficient mass transit


The SCDP supports…

  • Restorative Justice, that includes alternatives to sentencing and incarceration for non-violent offenders, easier paths to criminal record expungement, and fewer obstacles to the restoration of voting rights for criminal offenders

  • Providing treatment for individuals with mental health and substance abuse conditions with medical care and assistance, rather than with incarceration

  • Encouraging trauma-informed approaches to reducing recidivism among juvenile and adult offenders

  • Continued federal oversight of the Shelby County Juvenile Court

  • The SCDP also supports common sense gun legislation

Criminal Justice

Street Protest