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2021 Reorganization Convention

Do you want to be more active with the Democratic Party?

It's time to get involved!

  • Attend the upcoming VIRTUAL convention on Saturday, August 21st.

  • You must register online.

  • Registration ends at 5:00pm Thursday, August 19th. Again, you must register using this link.

  • Confirmation of your registration will be emailed to you. On Friday, August 20 you will be emailed your link to attend the online event for your district (based on county commission). Note the time of your event depends on your district, so please save this email. Again, you must register online to participate.

  • District caucuses will be held to choose your Grass Roots Council and Executive Committee Members.

  • Nominations for Party Chair will be accepted.

  • Everyone who is chosen to be a part of the Democratic Grass Roots Council and Executive Committee will be expected to return on August 28th to virtually participate in the Chair election.

Who can participate in the convention?

  • All residents of Shelby County Tennessee who are registered to vote in this county, and who believe in the ideals, principles, and values of the Democratic party are eligible to become members of the (SCDP).

  • All members who are deemed bona fide members of the Democratic Party are eligible to serve on the (SCDP) Executive Committee (EC) and Democratic Grassroots Council (DGC).

What are the responsibilities of the EC and DGC?

A. Executive Committee member responsibilities

  1. Governance of the (SCDP).

  2. Participation in election of all officers.

  3. Monthly meetings with entire (EC).

  4. Oversee financial duties.

  5. Approve financial expenditures greater than $250.00 per month

  6. Quarterly meeting with peers from the member’s commission district.

  7. Communicate regularly with (DGC) members.

  8. Oversee fundraising efforts within the Commission District.

  9. Serve as co-chairs directing the Democratic Grassroots Council of their Commission District.

  10. Participation in (SCDP) Committees as needed; and

  11. When possible, ensure Commission District representation at local school, city, county public meetings on a rotating basis with other Commission Districts to be coordinated with other Commission Districts to be coordinated with the Secretary and included in the minutes.

B. Democratic Grassroots Council Member Responsibilities

  1. Participation in election of the Chair, Officers and Non-officer steering committee members.

  2. Quarterly meetings of the Executive Committee and the Democratic Grassroots Council.

  3. Quarterly meetings with constituents in the member’s commission district.

  4. Organizing their Commission District: building the grassroots effort by working directly with district community members for fundraising, candidate support, and GOTV efforts

  5. Participation in (SCDP) Committees as needed and “accept” or “reject with suggestions” reports of committees and

  6. Bringing forth constituent issues to the Grievance Committee.

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