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The Shelby County Democratic Party has announced the launch of, its first website dedicated to aggregating information related to all Democratic candidates and voting in Shelby County, Tenn. The fully volunteer run and powered organization relied on a few key volunteers from Harvest Creative to design, build, and launch this new website in 48 hours. These volunteers were motivated to provide succinct, consolidated voter information for Democrats in Shelby County.

All in one convenient place, Shelby County voters can visit to find their voting district, closest registration site, voter registration status, key dates, as well as learn information about all candidates on the ballot. According to Respect My Vote, more than 145,000 voters in Shelby County turned out for the first week of balloting. This pace is far above the early voter turnout in the three previous presidential general elections.

“Shelby County is experiencing historic turnout during this early election period,” said Shelby County Democratic Party Chair Michael Harris. “Our goal is to ensure every democratic voter is equipped with everything they need to make an informed voting plan that will be convenient and, of course, safe.”

The website offers critical information for voters in the key days of early voting. Harris adds, “It’s also important to note that this week, Oct. 19-24, marks the only full week of early voting available during this election cycle, so planning in advance is key.” vote

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