Shelby County Democratic Party to Hold Press Conference Addressing Proposed Early Vote Polling Plan

Wednesday June 27th at 11:00 a.m., the Shelby County Democratic Party and supporters will hold a press conference on the 6th floor of the Election Commission to address the proposed early vote polling plan. The Shelby County Election Commission released their proposed early voting locations and the Shelby County Democratic Party believes the changes as presented represent a clear attempt at voter suppression. Both the polling locations and hours will restrict the ability of most Shelby County voters from voting during the early vote period and the Election Commission should be held accountable for their poor management of the election process.

Full Statement from Corey Strong, Chair of the Shelby County Democratic Party Chair

“The Election Commission’s plan is the latest example of local government officials failing to ensure that ALL residents of Shelby County are a part of the political process and are being served equitably. The Agricenter location is not the center of Shelby County’s population or voting base and restricting half of the early vote period to that location is an affront to the tens of thousands of voters from throughout the county who will cast their vote in this election. Election results from 2016 show that in 3 of the proposed new polling sites, our current President won by margins of over 20% when Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton won the county by 27%. Adding these specific locations is reckless at best and malicious at worst”
“The Shelby County Democratic Party asks that the Election Commission issue a formal apology for this misstep and be prepared to offer a solution to County Commission that demonstrates a commitment to fair and just elections as well as a sincere appreciation for the true make-up of the voters of Shelby County. Also, considering the history of malfeasance at the Election Commission, we are putting them on notice that there will be no tolerance for further unethical, unjust, or hyper-partisan behavior during this election cycle or in the future.”