Statement on Governor Bredesen’s Announcement Regarding the Kavanaugh Nomination

We have seen the recent statement Governor Bredesen released regarding the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. This statement has caused quite a stir in Democratic circles in Shelby County.

The Democratic Party has always been a "big tent" party, and that is certainly true in Tennessee. Because of that, there are a wide variety of opinions on pretty much every issue, and all of us won't always agree, even on the important ones.

The SCDP is in unanimous agreement with Governor Bredesen on the importance of removing the barriers women face when reporting and dealing with sexual harassment and assault. We are also in agreement that the treatment Dr. Christine Blasey Ford received from the Senate was disgusting, and symbolic of the harsh treatment victims have all too often received from our society.

We are all appalled that many Republicans in the US Senate appear to be unconcerned over whether or not Judge Kavanaugh actually assaulted Dr. Ford, and are anxious to confirm him despite the likelihood that he did. Many of us disagree on whether or not Judge Kavanaugh has the temperament required of an appointee to the Supreme Court, especially in light of his behavior during the confirmation process. There are also far too many questions left unanswered by a woefully incomplete FBI investigation, including serious questions about Judge Kavanaugh's truthfulness when testifying under oath.

While some of us are concerned by Governor Bredesen's statement, and the issues it raises, we are all in agreement that his election to the US Senate is our highest priority, because the alternative is unthinkable. Whatever differences some of us may have are dwarfed by the vast gulf between him and his opponent. We urge Democrats in Shelby County, and throughout Tennessee, to remain steadfast in their support of Phil Bredesen as our next Senator.