On April 23, 2019, the Tennessee State House of Representatives voted to pass Governor Bill Lee’s Education Savings Account/Voucher Plan in house bill HB0939. This legislation will allow the creation of education savings accounts with public tax dollars to subsidize the cost of private school education in both Shelby and Davidson County.

The Shelby County Democratic Party commends the 48 House members who courageously opposed this dysfunctional legislation. However, we are disappointed in the Representatives from Shelby County who chose to support this bill. We urge these elected officials to consider the voice of their constituents and the needs of our public school system, and to oppose this legislation.

The SCDP stands in support of Shelby County Schools, and our community of educators, parents, and most importantly, students.

We encourage all voters to join us in taking a stand by calling and emailing your State Senator and urging them to “oppose” the Senate version of the ESA Voucher bill, SB0795. You can find contact information for your State Senators here: www.capitol.tn.gov/senate/members/.

We’re Better Together,

Michael Harris, Chairperson