Rules for Chair Election

  • All Executive Committee and Grassroots Council Members will be able to vote on the SCDP Chair election Saturday, Aug. 28 at the online meeting of the 2021-23 SCDP.
  • All members are required to take the Oath of Office before voting.
  • Only members of the 2021-21 SCDP will be give the link to attend and log into the Zoom. Attendees may join the Zoom meeting at 12:15pm and will be allowed in up to the time the rules are read. NOTE: Anyone who drops off the call due to technical issues will be allowed back in up to the time voting closes.
  • This meeting will be broadcast live from Zoom to the SCDP social media sites (Facebook, YouTube) so the public can observe without entering the Zoom.
  • Roll Call Vote: the party secretary will conduct a roll call vote of the 2021-23 SCDP.
  • The winner must garner a simple majority (50% plus one vote) to win the election.
  • If a tie results after two attempts at roll call voting, the incumbent SCDP Chair will break the tie by flipping a coin.
  • The incumbent chair will then swear in the newly elected chair and turn over the meeting to that person.
  • Any guidelines not listed in these rules will be resolved at the sole discretion of the Rules Committee, 1st Vice Chair Sarah Beth Larson and TNDP EC member Dave Cambron.